30 thoughts on “Welcome to the 21st century

  1. Usable in the “I run it in Mosiac” kind of 90’s website. Just like MySpace. they don’t fool me with their “API”.
    I think you have to be a teenager to understand Facebook.
    I use Vox.

  2. You have to register to join a livejournal community.

    Anyway, the point is not to supercede other channels of communication, it’s to supplement them. Facebook has a very different population of users than lj (though there is some overlap), so it makes sense to have a BSFA presence there.

  3. I think what puts me off Facebook is the need to commit to registration before being able to have a look round to see if you like what you’re looking at, which isn’t the case with LJ – though there are probably sound reasons why Facebook has that level of security, if they don’t have the further privacy protocol levels on LJ.

    Still, if we’re not careful this is about to become prime candidate for Silliest Internet Slapfight of the Year, so I’m gonna just walk away …

  4. A further vote against Facebook from me. I’d have thought that if the aim was to publicise the BSFA, then making the site, uh, public would be a start. And, frankly, getting the BSFA a Facebook page is not the most important thing the organisation needs to do about its web presence…

  5. Tony: as you say, Facebook has a different security model than LJ.

    Graham: As I commented above, this is not a replacement for a better public web presence (which I agree the BSFA needs) it’s additional. Facebook has a (very) large population of users who wouldn’t touch livejournal, or internet forums in general, with a ten-foot barge pole. A BSFA group on Facebook is far more visible to those users than the main BSFA website.

  6. Niall: well, I will be interested to see how successful it is in pulling in those users. You appreciate, at the very least, that there is a certain amount of irony present in a website-which-can-only-be-viewed-at-all-(unlike-say-Livejournal)-by-those-who-are-registered-and-logged-in being “more visible” to some group than a website-which-can-be-viewed-anywhere-by-anyone.

  7. What people seem to be missing is that it is a service for Facebook users.

    There seems to be a misunderstanding that is meant to replace or supercede some existing BSFA outlet. I’m puzzled how anyone could think this to be honest. It is clearly additional and therefore a vote against something that is purely positive sticks me as absurd.

  8. *snorts*

    I’m with Martin: this is such a silly thing to get all worked up over. Don’t like it? Don’t use it. Quite straightforward, really…

  9. This is the silliest argument ever. Does the BSFA need a new website? Yes. Is the Facebook group a substitute for that? No, and it’s not aiming to be.

  10. At the risk of, oh, being utterly fatuous I suppose, I myself wasn’t at any point saying that the BSFA shouldn’t have a Facebook – merely that once I found I had to register to see what was linked to, the fact that the BSFA has a Facebook no longer was of any interest to me personally. I read Chance’s comment as saying the same, which is why I agreed with her.

    Or something.

  11. Martin: my vote was not against the idea of using other forums, but against the effectiveness of a closed community in doing this. People need to know something is there in order to look for it, Facebook’s security prevents the accidental chance discovery.

    I discovered the BSFA via an ad in a book. I could have seen that ad by browsing in the bookshop without buying that particular book. The Facebook model would have meant the book was shrinkwrapped until I purchased. So it limits its value as a promotional vehicle immediately.

  12. Kev, while that’s true in principle, given that Facebook has 25 million members — twice as many as livejournal — in practice it doesn’t strike me as much of a limitation.

  13. Surely silly arguments are the best?

    I agree that there’s actually no harm in having a BSFA group on Facebook, or MySpace, or Vox or anywhere. Why not? Especially if they are really just pointers to the wonder that is the BSFA website. Some people may hang out on one or the other, maybe, it probably doesn’t matter.

  14. I’d just like to say that I agree with none of what any of you have said. Take it back!

    Facebook is not bad as these social networking things go, but what the BSFA /really/ needs are its own Twitter and Xianz accounts.

  15. After all those posts about complex, intelligent critical questions … now at last a Torque Control post that gets people vigorously debating.

  16. I must join in!

    “I think you have to be a teenager to understand Facebook.
    I use Vox.”

    Huh? Vox is teenager land (look at those templates for crying out loud, all hello kitty-type stuff and horses).

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