Next Year’s Short Story Awards

What about the short stories of 2011 so far? Three months in, and what highlights have stuck with you? What short stories have you read recently, from this year, which you would seriously consider nominating for next year’s science fiction awards?

P.S. Thank you for all your award nomination suggestions so far!

4 thoughts on “Next Year’s Short Story Awards

  1. Genevieve Valentine, “The Sandal-Bride”, Fantasy Magazine
    K. J. Parker, “A Small Price to Pay for Birdsong”, Subterrenean
    Rachel Swirsky, “Fields of Gold”, Eclipse 4

    There’ve been several other very fine stories so far this year, but those three stand out most for me.

  2. I would be putting down:

    Taboo by Jerry Oltion from Analog,
    The Choice by Paul McAuley from Asimovs
    Purple by Robert Reed from Asimovs
    Movement by Nancy Fulda from Asimovs
    Ghostweight by Yoon Ha Lee from Clarkesworld
    Tying Knots by Len Liu from Clarkesworld
    The Paper Menagerie by Ken Liu from F&SF

  3. I haven’t read much yet this year — aside from SH stories, among which I probably shouldn’t pick favourites — but I have enjoyed Kristin Livdahl’s novella A Brood of Foxes.


    Rachel Swirsky, “Fields of Gold”, Eclipse 4

    No fair picking stories that haven’t been published yet!

  4. “A Brood of Foxes” is indeed very good.

    Sorry about the Eclipse 4 mention — that’s the second time I’ve been called out for praising it when few others have read it! I forget sometimes when I’ve gotten to see advance copies.

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