Vector #4

Happily we are now able to transmit news of the very first B.S.F.A. Convention, which took place over Easter weekend in Birmingham at the Imperial Hotel. It was a great success, with as many as fifty of us in attendance. One heckler was ejected.

Report on the firsts B.S.F.A. Convention, known also as BRUMCON

The fourth issue of Vector does not only contain many brand-new items of interest; it also contains a “time capsule” which reprints Terry Jeeves’s “Last of the Last-Stage Reflectorsman,” which first appeared in the now sadly defunct fanzine Operation Fantast in 1950.

A request for members to nominate historical materials deserving of republication. Within reasonable limits, however: we don’t want to unbalance Vector

This will be the final Vector to be edited by Terry Jeeves. New B.S.F.A. Officers have been elected, and Bobbie Wild is taking over as Publications Officer, to be assisted by Sandra Hall.