The only way to subscribe to Vector is to become a BSFA member. Membership is open to anyone in the world. Current fees are:

  • UK Resident — £29 (£20 unwaged / student)
  • International — £40

Why become a member?

The BSFA is a nonprofit organisation, entirely run by volunteers. Membership benefits in 2018 include:

  • Subscription to Vector, filled with interviews and in-depth articles
  • Subscription to the BSFA Review, filled with reviews of all the latest SFF books, TV, and films
  • Subscription to FOCUS, covering all aspects of writing SFF
  • The right to vote in the BSFA Awards, plus our special snazzy BSFA Awards booklet
  • The right to attend Orbiter Writing Groups
  • Support SF in the UK and across the multiverse

Renewing your membership

Membership should be renewed on an annual basis at the BSFA website.

If you’re unsure of your membership status, please email BSFA’s Membership Officer, Dave Lally. Alternatively, check the envelope of your last mailing: your renewal date should be printed on it. If that date has already passed, make sure you renew immediately to avoid losing your membership. If you see the letters ‘SI’, it usually means you’ve paid the wrong amount.