Vector Music Issue CoverCurrent Issue: Vector #286 (Summer 2017), ‘The Music Issue,’ ed. Anna McFarlane and Glyn Morgan

  • Cover art by Rivenis
  • Torque Control: Editorial by Anna McFarlane
  • Membership Renewal Reminder


  • Miriam Jones, ‘The Shared Futuristic Space of Welsh Music and Welsh-Language Science Fiction’
  • Saul Williams in Conversation with Richard Howard
  • Lidia Kniaź, ‘Kaboom! Guess That Must Spell Doom!’: Dystopia and the Post-Apocalypse in HipHop Music Videos
  • Tony Keen, ‘Gotta Make Way for the Homo Superior’: Finding Philip K. Dick in David Bowie’s ‘Oh! You Pretty things!’
  • J.K. Rooke, ‘Speculative Fiction in Opera’


  • Paul Kincaid, ‘Doing Lennon by Gregory Benford’
  • Andy Sawyer, ‘Foundation Favourites: “A Hundred Years From Now”‘
  • Stephen Baxter, Resonances, ‘McMurdo Station, Antarctica’

Previous Issue: Vector #285 (Spring 2017), ‘The Best of 2016,’ ed. Anna McFarlane and Glyn Morgan

Vector 285

  • Cover art (‘Untitled 350’) by Karl Eschenbach
  • Torque Control (editorial)
  • Andrew Wallace, ‘Death Mettle: Jason Arnopp interviewed by Scott K Andrews’
  • Molly Cobb, ‘Best of Science Fiction Television 2016’
  • Morag Hannah, Mark Bould, Amy C. Chambers, Erin Hardee, Paul March-Russell, David Hollands, Alan Graham, Anna McFarlane, ‘Best Films of 2016’
  • Tony Jones, ‘2016 in SF Audio’
  • Conor McKeown, ‘Best Videogames of 2016’


  • Paul Kincaid (Kincaid in Short), ‘The Fall of Frenchy Steiner by Hilary Bailey’
  • Andy Sawyer (Foundation Favourites), ‘The Men in the Flying Saucer by Arthur C. Clarke’
  • Stephen Baxter (Resonances), Biosphere 2
  • Susan Oke (ed.) et al., BSFA Review

Vector #285 was the last to include the BSFA Review, which is being spun off into a separate BSFA title. Vector will feature a small selection of these reviews on our website.

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