Faber Finds … SF?

Faber’s new print-on-demand imprint has reached the reader suggestion stage:

For the launch list Faber has canvassed its editors and authors for their suggestions. As we continue to grow the list, we’ll be asking both writers and readers to nominate forgotten favourites. So we’d like now to hear from you, the reader – books can be fiction, memoir, poetry, autobiography, criticism, history, anthologies, science fiction, thrillers, and books for children. Let us know by emailing lostandfound@faber.co.uk.

I have two requests in mind already: The Sea and Summer, George Turner‘s 1988 Clarke Award-winning novel (if only so I can return the copy that I’ve borrowed to its rightful owner); and the out-of-print parts of James Blish’s After Such Knowledge trilogy, Doctor Mirabilis, Black Easter and The Day After Judgement (because Joanna Russ’s reviews made them sound fascinating). But what else? Note that they don’t insist you limit yourself to books originally published by Faber — although the Turner and Blish books, I believe, were.