SFRA Award Winners

An email from Lisa Yaszek announces the 2008 SFRA Awards winners:

The Pilgrim Award for lifetime contributions to SF and fantasy scholarship goes to Brian Attebery

The Pioneer Award for the best critical essay-length work of the year goes to Neil Easterbrook for “Giving An Account of Oneself”: Ethics, Alterity, Air

The Clareson Award for for Distinguished Service to SF and fantasy scholarship goes to Hal Hall

The Mary Kay Bray Award for the best essay, interview, or extended review to appear in the SFRA Review in the past year goes to Sandor Klapcsik for his review of Rewired (SFRAR #284 [pdf])

The Graduate Student Paper Award for the best essay presented at the 2008 SFRA conference [pdf] goes to Dave Higgins for “The Imperial Unconscious: Samuel R. Delany’s The Fall of the Towers.”

Congratulations to all the winners. Can we have a reprint of Strategies of Fantasy now, please?