Next week: all slipstream until the end. Oh yes.

3 thoughts on “Conversations

  1. Note to all: do not comment in the first five minutes after I post, because I’m likely to still be tinkering.

    Good posts, both (I assume this is the second one you meant). There are also plenty of other female viewpoints linked from Moles’ post.

  2. Boy, the TEV and RotR discussions make for an interesting pair. Both start off with a roughly equivalent level of wrong-headedness (in fact, I’d say Mark Savras started out more wrong-headed than Ed Champion) and both involve some pretty smart and sensible people who took the blogger’s original (wrong-headed) assertion personally. And yet, in spite of the fact that all of the participants in the TEV thread feel very strongly about their stance and express it with passion, the tone there has remained, for the most part, civil and respectful, whereas the discussion over at Ed’s veered almost immediately into nastiness and then landed in crazy-ville. Maybe Harlan Ellison just has that effect on people.

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