Forty Signs of Links

  • The Science Fiction Foundation will be launching an annual Masterclass in sf criticism in 2007:

    The first Masterclass will take place from June 19-22, 2007 at the University of Liverpool. Each full day of the Masterclass will consist of morning and evening classes, with afternoons free to use the SFF Collection. Class leaders for 2007 will be Andrew M. Butler, Joan Haran, and Brian Stableford. Delegate costs will be £180 per person, excluding accommodation; accommodation (at a local hotel) will be booked through the Masterclass with current rates being £59.50 (single)/ £79.50 (twin).

    Applicants should write to Farah Mendlesohn at farah.sf[at] . Applicants will be asked to provide a CV and writing sample; these will be assessed by an Applications Committee consisting of Farah Mendlesohn, Paul Kincaid, Andy Sawyer, and Roger Luckhurst.

    Completed applications must be received by 28th February 2007.

    Spread the word.

  • A review of Helix issue 2. Be sure to check out the charming letters column
  • What is the uncanny?
  • Benjamin Rosenbaum writes about AI and sparks an immense comment thread
  • New blog: biology in sf
  • On reading new books or old books: one, two
  • The shape of the litblogosphere

2 thoughts on “Forty Signs of Links

  1. Hmmm … where it says that you need to send a CV to apply for the crit masterclass, I assume that means a writing CV, and not the sort of thing you’d send to the average employer?

  2. After querying, the CV should be “Evidence of having written–a list of reviews, short articles etc.” Links to blog entries are fine if that’s where the majority of someone’s critical writing is to be found.

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