Take Back Links

6 thoughts on “Take Back Links

  1. I wonder if the time lag between US edition of China Mountain Zhang (1992) and UK Clarke eligible edition (1995) is a factor.

    I can’t speak for the judges that year, of course, but I’m sure there have been books that the judges read sometime before the UK edition and subconsciously decided weren’t eligible for the year in question.

    I remember in ’91 receiving what we suspected might have been a first true UK edition of Dhalgren, though there had been a US import stickered with UK publication details apparently. Imagine the consternation if we’d shortlisted a 16 year old book.

  2. Surely Niall’s comment was a joke referring to the Guardian article about how prizes are taking on the tasks that critics once performed.

  3. Ted: I thought Niall’s comment was alluding to Graham Sleight’s column in the latest Vector, where he pre-empts The Guardian by a couple of weeks.

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