Sorted SF

In lieu of actual textual content, and inspired by The Sorted Books Project:

Anyone for some audience participation? It’s trickier than it looks.

14 thoughts on “Sorted SF

  1. Yesterday I reread an MMS book; last night and this morning I reread Look to Windward. Flicking through my flist and glimpsing this was rather startling. :)

  2. Heh. I was trying to come up with some sort of expansive, exogamous pile that ended with What You Make It, but it wouldn’t click.

  3. Just as an aside, Niall; while snooping around on your Flickr set, I noticed you’re using ShoZu. What carrier are you with? I’m on Three, and the b*ggers block ShoZu on principle …

  4. Paul: I’m on Orange. Which has been very reliable, thank you. (I used to be with O2, who were … much less reliable.)

    Mike: I think that almost qualifies for a <pred> … ;-)

  5. I don’t have photographic proof but these are on my shelves (Clarke, Ishiguro, MacLeod; Powers, Pratchett, Hornby):

    Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
    Never Let Me Go
    Learning the World

    The Truth
    About a Boy

  6. I’m reminded that a few years ago I had a run of cinema trips to see In The Bleak Midwinter/The Usual Suspects/Heat/Twelve Monkeys.

  7. 1.
    Cities in Flight
    The Ascent of Wonder

    Conrad’s Fate:
    Mortal Love

    The Dragon Waiting
    Outside The Dog Museum
    Looking for Jake
    The Interaction…

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