Attention BSFA Members!

It is now officially the end of the year season, which means you no longer have an excuse: it’s time to start nominating for the BSFA Awards. The eligibility criteria are here. General points to note are:

  1. Science fiction, fantasy, and any other speculative works are eligible.
  2. You can nominate as many works in each category as you want. The works with the highest number of nominations go forward to the shortlist.
  3. The deadline for nomination is midnight on Saturday 13th January 2007. That’s a fortnight tomorrow.

The nominations so far are here and copied below. Note that a consequence of point 2 is that just because something is on this list doesn’t mean you don’t have to nominate it — works on this list may have only received one nomination. You should email your nominations to


  • Cover for Interzone 206: “Droid” by Fahrija Velic
  • Exiles by Mark Garlick, cover of Interzone #203
  • Cover of Farthing magazine, issue 2, Spring 2006. Credited to ‘Vertebrate Graphics’.
  • The Lucid Moment‘, Chris Mars. (Chris Mars Publishing)
  • Cover for Nova Swing by M John Harrison
  • Cover for Rainbows End by Vernor Vinge
  • The Return to Abalakin” by Alexander Preuss
  • Publicity still for A Scanner Darkly
  • Cover of “The Servicing and Maintenance of Wayland Snowball”, by Terry Cooper. (Novel by Steve Dean.)
  • Poster for Superman Returns
  • Cover of Time Pieces, Fangorn
  • Cover of Whispers of Wickedness #12, Marcia Borell

Short fiction:

  • The Angel of Gamblers, Hal Duncan (Eidolon #1)
  • The Barrowlands’ Last Night, Philip Raines & Harvey Welles (Extended Play)
  • Bizarre Cubiques, Hal Duncan (Fantasy #4)
  • The Codsman and his Willing Shag, Neil Williamson (The Ephemera)
  • The Disappeared, Sarah Singleton (Time Pieces, edited Ian Whates, published NewCon press)
  • Gin, Holly Phillips (Eidolon #1)
  • Hieronymous Boche, Chris Lawson (Eidolon #1)
  • The Highwaymen, Ken MacLeod
  • Palestina, Martin J. Gidron (Interzone 204)
  • Pol Pot’s Beautiful Daughter, Geoff Ryman (F&SF)
  • The Revenant, Lucy Sussex (Eidolon #1)
  • Saving for a Sunny Day, or, The Benefits of Reincarnation, Ian Watson (Asimov’s Science Fiction #369/370)
  • The Unsolvable Death Trap, Jack Mangan (Interzone 202)
  • “Soulkeepers” by Steve Dean (Hadesgate Publications)
  • Sounding, Elizabeth Bear (Strange Horizons)
  • State Your Name, Jon Courtenay Grimwood (Time Pieces, edited Ian Whates, published NewCon press)
  • This Happens, David Mace (Interzone #205)
  • 2+2=5, Rudy Rucker and Terry Bisson (Interzone 205)
  • Weather, Alastair Reynolds (Galactic North)
  • Willy and Topsy, William I. Lengeman III (Farthing #4)


  • The Brief History of the Dead, Kevin Brockmeier (John Murray)
  • End of the World Blues, Jon Courtenay Grimwood
  • Icarus, Roger Levy
  • Keeping it Real, Justina Robson
  • The Last Witchfinder, James Morrow (Weidenfield & Nicholson)
  • The Lies of Locke Lamora, Scott Lynch
  • The Osiris Revelations, Andrew Marshall (MPress Publishing)
  • The Servicing and Maintenance of Wayland Snowball, Steve Dean (Hadesgate Publications)
  • Shriek: An Afterword, Jeff Vandermeer
  • The Voyage of the Sable Keech, Neal Asher

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