BSFA Award Winners

Those were the shortlists. These are the winners:

Best Artwork
Angelbot, Fangorn (Cover of Time Pieces, ed. Ian Whates)

Best Short Fiction
The Djinn’s Wife, Ian McDonald (Asimov’s Science Fiction, June)

Best Novel
End of the World Blues, Jon Courtenay Grimwood (Gollancz)

6 thoughts on “BSFA Award Winners

  1. Worth noting that both Ian McDonald and Jon Courtney Grimwood were genuinely shocked when their names were announced, and both absolutely thrilled with the award and Flick’s marvellous trophies.

    Well done to all involved, winners and organisers.

  2. I didn’t actually get a good look at the trophies, I was too far back, though everyone has said they were good — what were they this year? Are there any photos?

  3. Trophies were awesome, Flick did an absolutely marvellous job. There are photos, I don’t have them yet, but they will/should be going to Matrix, possibly Locus, and up on the website.

    They were amazing book-like works, with 3 balsa pages inside a cover, with clockwork-like coiled spring designs on each page. Winners details pasted in the front, past winners pasted in the back. They are absolutely beautiful, and I adore the continuity they show by including previous winners.

    I honestly don’t know if they can be bested, but I haven’t yet picked someone to do next year’s.

  4. When I returned home late on Monday, I emailed Fangorn to tell him he’d won and he too was shocked — having insisted on Thursday that he stood little chance of winning and refusing to accept my assurances to the contrary. Chris is in LA at present, so my ‘late Monday’ message arrived first thing in the morning as far as he was concerned. He said it was the perfect way to start the day and asked me to pass on his thanks to all who voted for him.

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