Notes From A Small Con 3

  • Alas, the recording of the overly masculine panel didn’t work. I do have some notes, though I’m not sure how much sense they’ll make now, and I’ll try to get those typed up.
  • Final tally of books bought: North Wind and Phoenix Cafe by Gwyneth Jones (I already have White Queen — not that I’ve read it, but my intentions are good); Breakfast With the Ones You Love by Eliot Fintushel; Memories of the Space Age by JG Ballard (because I’m under-read in Ballard, it’s a beautiful edition and a great title; read one story on the way back, though, and thought interesting the writing was somewhat uneven); Fools by Pat Cadigan; The Darkening Garden by John Clute; King of Morning, Queen of Day and Hearts, Hands and Voices by Ian McDonald; Nearly People by Conrad Williams; a replacement for my lost hardback of The Year of Our War; and back-issues of NYRSF to 2000, or thereabouts. A respectable haul, I think you’ll agree.
  • I very much enjoyed the post-BSFA-Awards discussion on Sunday, largely because the three panellists didn’t agree on any of the nominated novels, which always makes things interesting. The vote itself, it turns out, was ridiculously close: Nova Swing and The Last Witchfinder were joint second by one vote.
  • No full con reports seen elsewhere yet (well, I guess it’s not technically over yet, even if I’m home, but here are a few photos, plus Paul’s abbreviated update, which unaccountably fails to mention glands.

5 thoughts on “Notes From A Small Con 3

  1. Glad to hear you liked it; it was something of a speculative buy, largely because I wanted to read some Williams but everything I’d actually heard talk about (e.g. London Revenant) was too expensive.

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