Vector Needs You!

Specifically, in this instance it needs you if you have a hankering to be Production Editor. Here are the details, from the advert in Vector 251:

Vector‘s Production Editor is required to collect copy from the features and reviews editors (an ability to enforce deadlines is useful, although actual physical violence tends to be discouraged), lay it out to the magazine template and deliver it in electronic (Postscript) format to the printers. The production cycle is bimonthly, and the time available for layout is usually two weeks.

This is an important position, because I suck at design and you do not want to see what Vector will look like if I have to lay it out myself. So, email me if interested, or come up and say hi at next week’s AGM.

2 thoughts on “Vector Needs You!

  1. And, if you don’t have a hankering to be Vector Production Editor but do have a hankering to be something else, the BSFA probably needs you anyway.

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