Review of 2006

The latest issue of Vector is out, and should be arriving on members’ doorsteps in the next couple of days. It’s our review of 2006, and here’s the lineup:

Torque Control — editorial
Vector Reviewers’ Poll — compiled by Paul N. Billinger
The SF Films of 2006 — Colin O’Dell and Mitch LeBlanc
What Kind Of Year Has It Been? SF on TV in 2006Abigail Nussbaum
The Year in Short Fiction — views on 2006’s short fiction from Claude Lalumiere, Paul Raven, David Soyka, Claire Brialey, Martin McGrath and Niall Harrison
First Impressions — book reviews edited by Paul N. Billinger
Particles — a books received column by Paul N. Billinger
The New X: Remaking History — a column by Graham Sleight

It has felt, to be honest, a little bit like this issue is cursed. All the content was ready at Easter, but production and various other difficulties cropped up to create delays. So apologies for that, and thanks to the contributors for their patience. Also, particular thanks to Liz for stepping up to handle layout for this issue.

Unfortunately — at least based on the samples the printer sent me — it looks like some copies of V252 are subject to a printing error in which pages 6 and 31 appear blank. If you find your copy has this problem, please email me with your details, and I’ll get a replacement out to you.

9 thoughts on “Review of 2006

  1. If anyone has any comments, complaints, or other thoughts on the layout, feel free to post them here, and I’ll see what I can do in the next issue.

  2. As I’ve said elsewhere, while Vector 252 (and Matrix 184) has been posted, there don’t seem to be any copies except Niall’s sample copies have yet got through – and those will have come by courier while the rest should be delivered by the Royal Mail. The problem’s probably to do with the postal strike – but we would welcome a few reports that it’s got through (as and when it does, obviously).

  3. Fortunately, pp. 6 and 31 are not blank in my copy. As p. 31 has my review of Soldier of Sidon on it, I’m quite pleased by that.

  4. Got my copy, complete without blank pages.

    Not being funny, but I think the layout is better than it has been for a while (apart from the glaring error with the text wrapping around a couple of insets) — I really like the clean and tidy open look. Actually, just getting rid of the grey headers and footers from all the pages somehow makes the text seem more approachable.

    [I thought the editorial was very good, too, compared to the previous issue.]

  5. I got mine at the weekend, and have just remembered to let you know – have so far only had a chance to check that pages 6 and 31 are full of words.

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