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Thing the first: details of the second SF Foundation Masterclass:

The Second, Annual, Science Fiction Foundation Masterclass.
Location: University College Dublin.
Dates: June 20th, 21st, and 22nd (that’s Friday, Saturday, Sunday).
The SFRA starts Tuesday.

Class Leaders: Wendy Pearson, Geoff Ryman, Gary K. Wolfe.

The Science Fiction Masterclass is held in conjunction with the University of Liverpool. However in the summer of 2008, the archive is being refurbished and is closed to researchers. It has been decided, therefore, that for this one year the Masterclass will be held in Dublin, a few days before the SFRA, to allow people to attend both with ease, should they wish. The SFF committee will ensure that supplementary reading is made available.

The aim of the Masterclass is to provide those who have a serious interest in sf criticism with the opportunity to exchange ideas with leading figures in the field, and also to use the SFF Collection.

The Masterclass will take place from June 20th-22nd 2008 at University College, Dublin. Each full day of the Masterclass will consist of morning and evening classes, with afternoons free to prepare. Class leaders for 2008 will be Wendy Pearson, Geoff Ryman, and Gary K. Wolfe.

Delegate costs will be £190 per person, excluding accommodation. Accomodation will be provided at University College Dublin: €55 per single room, per night. (The applicable rate is 55.00euro per single room per night in a shared apartment. Each apartment consists of six single bedrooms en suite with kitchen/dining area and sitting room. All bed linen, hand towel and basic breakfast crockery are provided.)

Applicants should write to Farah Mendlesohn at

Applicants must provide a short CV of either: academic credentials, essay/book publications, reviews and writing sample (this may be from a blog); all of these will be valued equally as we are looking for a mixture of experiences and approaches.

Applications will be assessed by an Applications Committee consisting of Paul Kincaid, Andy Sawyer and Jenny Wolmark.

Completed applications must be received by 31st January 2008.

Thing the second: the 100th issue of Foundation dropped through my letterbox yesterday. It’s a fiction anthology jointly edited by Farah Mendlesohn (the outgoing editor) and Graham Sleight (the incoming editor). As it says in the editorial:

The original idea for Foundation 100: The Anthology came out of John Clute’s argument that First SF was dead: that no one now wrote in the belief that the future they depicted was both possible from where we stand now, and desirable. The anthology was further shaped by an argument (whose origin I can no longer remember) that too much modern sf clearly descnded from a past in which genocide had wiped out most of the non-white population because they were so clearly not the futures of the places that so so many of us live in: multicultural, diverse, argumentative. With both these things in mind we asked our authors for stories which were our future and of which they were some way convinced. Inevitably, the result is not quite what we expected.

Here’s the cover (or at least the cover image, by Andrew M. Butler) and the contents:

“The Flood” by Christopher Barzak
“HealthGuard” by David Marusek
“Life-Pod” by Vandana Singh
“The Spirit of Radio” by Tricia Sullivan
“Living in the End of Days” by Karen Traviss
“Reflecting Glory” by Margo Lanagan
“Angel of the Waters” by Jon Courtenay Grimwood
“Sea Change” by Una McCormack
“The Last American” by John Kessel
“Soul Case” by Nalo Hopkinson
“Induction” by Greg Egan

Needless to say, I am looking forward to getting stuck in.

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  1. Note there’s a mistake in the masterclass announcement – in the third para it says University of Liverpool, which should be University College Dublin.

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