BSFA Awards — open for nominations

An announcement from Claire Brialey, the BSFA Awards Administrator:

Nominations are now open for this year’s BSFA awards, with more opportunities than ever before for BSFA members to express their opinions about what’s good in science fiction.

All current members of the BSFA are eligible to nominate and vote for the awards, which will be presented at next year’s British national science fiction convention (Eastercon). Members of the Eastercon will also be eligible to vote for the awards.

The 2008 Eastercon will be the 50th anniversary of the founding of the BSFA and we will therefore be presenting a special award for the best genre novel of 1958. This will be nominated and voted on in the same way as the awards for works published in 2007; details about what’s eligible and how to nominate can be found on the temporary BSFA website.

There will once again be four awards categories for 2007 work: novel, short fiction, artwork and non-fiction. The main change for this year is for the non-fiction category, a topic which has previously excited some opinions on Torque Control. Those of you who are BSFA members now have every opportunity to express those opinions by nominating what you consider to be the best writing about science fiction in 2007. Read the rules and then email me to nominate or to comment more generally.

I’d also like to extend many thanks to Ian Snell for his work as awards administrator last year and his help in handing back over. I shall be acting as BSFA awards administrator until Easter 2008.

Short fiction-wise I suspect I’ll be nominating Holly Phillips’ “Three Days of Rain” and Daryl Gregory’s “Dead Horse Point”, but beyond that I haven’t thought about nominations yet this year. How about you?

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