Further Housekeeping

I’ve changed the comment posting settings, from “all comments get posted” to “person posting must have a previously approved comment”, because (a) the blog is picking up a bit more spam than it used to and (b) I can no longer access the site during the daytime to deal with said spam. Hopefully this won’t cause too much hassle. What I don’t know is whether it will remember who I approved last time I had this setting switched on; if a couple of people wanted to post a test comment in response to this post, while I’m around and able to approve it, that wouldn’t be a bad thing.

8 thoughts on “Further Housekeeping

  1. Very sensible mate. Hope you’ve also got both ‘Akismet’ and ‘Bad Behaviour’ plugged in (if freebie WordPress allows plugins..?)

  2. It’s got Akismet, which is generally wonderful, but I know not of this ‘Bad Behaviour’.

    (If I could figure out how to make Movable Type as adept at spam-eating as WordPress, I would be a happy man.)

  3. Bad Beahviour is a bot blocker – meant to keep the spambots at bay before they even get a chance to dump their payload. Never used MT, so I can’t recommend anything there, but James Bloomer over at Big Dumb Object is a fan…

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