Talking Heads

The latest BSFA mailing dropped through my letterbox today. It’s a full one — Vector, Matrix, Focus, plus an awards ballot and a letter to members. Here’s the contents for Vector:

Torque Control — editorial
Best of British — Jo Fletcher interviewed by Graham Sleight
An Introduction to Anna Kavan’s Ice — by Christopher Priest
Politics Is What Humans DoRichard Morgan interviewed by Martin Lewis
A report on the first SF Foundation Masterclass — by Paul Raven
First Impressions — book reviews edited by Paul N. Billinger
Particles — a books received column by Paul N. Billinger
The New X: Lost in Translation — a column by Graham Sleight

In other shiny BSFA news: the new website is live. There are a bunch of holding pages there at the moment, and undoubtedly some bugs to iron out, but you can get an idea of the feel of it, and subscribe to the RSS feed. (And here’s a livejournal feed for those who might want it.)

And in other news, I’m off to Italy on Saturday for a week of holiday. (I am taking these books, and no doubt one or two more that I cram into my bag at the last minute.) Before I go, however, I will post my much-delayed review of Subterranean 7 (the issue guest-edited by Ellen Datlow). They say people don’t read 4,000 word blog posts, but I figure if I give you all a week you’ll get through it. Right?

3 thoughts on “Talking Heads

  1. Not to be too rude, but the new BSFA website? It’s OK, except for the completely terrible little scroll-y things on the posts. What the heck is that about? THEY’RE HORRIBLE!!!!

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