London Meetings — Change of Venue

Tony Keen has an announcement about the BSFA London Meetings. January’s meeting (Robert Holdstock the guest, a week tomorrow) will take place in the Star Tavern, but after that the upstairs function room will no longer be available. As of February, then, the meetings will take place at:

The Antelope
22, Eaton Terrace

Here are some details for the pub; it’s not actually that far from the Star, but the closest tube stop is now Sloane Square. Here is a map.

EDIT: And here‘s the programme for 2008. Mark your diaries, everyone.

Wednesday 23rd January:
Robert Holdstock, interviewed by Paul Kincaid.

Wednesday 27th February:
Chris Beckett, interviewed by Niall Harrison.

Wednesday 26th March:
Paul Kincaid, interviewed by Graham Sleight.

Wednesday 23rd April:
Ken Slater, interviewed by Peter Weston.

Wednesday 28th May:
Andrew Wilson, interviewed by Tony Keen.

Wednesday 25th June: Terrance Dicks, interviewed by Tim Phipps.

Wednesday 23rd July:
Christopher Priest, interviewed by Paul Kincaid.

Wednesday 27th August:

Wednesday 24th September:

Wednesday 22nd October:
John Clute, interviewed by Andrew McKie.

Wednesday 26th November:
Party for the BSFA’s 50th anniversary.
(Venue TBC.)

One thought on “London Meetings — Change of Venue

  1. Just to make sure everyone knows – the April meeting will not be in the Antelope. This is because the function room there is not wheelchair-accessible, and Ken Slater can no longer climb stairs. I will confirm the venue as soon as I know.

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