Reimagining History

Sighted in the wild, so here’s the contents:

A Letter from Daud al-Musafir al-Khilafahi bin ‘Ammar ibn al-Afrangi
Torque Control — editorial essay featuring interviews with Jo Walton and Guy Gavriel Kay
The Limits of Alternate History — by Edward James
History Around the Margins — by Juliet E. McKenna
History Repurposed: the Celestial Empire stories — by Chris Roberson
First Impressions — book reviews, edited by Paul N. Billinger
Obituary: Douglas Hill — by Jessica Yates
The New X — a column by Graham Sleight

I have to say, I’m happy with how this one turned out, so I hope y’all enjoy it. (And, of course, the first issue of Matrix under the stewardship of Ian Whates, which looks spiffing.) I may even get around to updating the website again. Next issue will be Vector‘s review of 2007, and will see some changes — but more about that closer to the time.

P.S. Less than 53 hours to get your nominations in for the BSFA Awards!

5 thoughts on “Reimagining History

  1. Hi — I’ve emailed you at the address you used for this comment. Let me know if the message didn’t get through.

    For everyone else, the easiest way to get the magazines is to join the BSFA. If you’re interested in single issues, email me at vector dot editors at gmail.

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