This rather handsome picture is a piece of original artwork by Vincent Chong. It’s going to be the cover of an 80,000-word anthology of original fiction, edited by Ian Whates, that the BSFA is publishing to mark its 50th anniversary. And here’s the table of contents:

Celebration, ed. Ian Whates

The BSFA – An Appreciation – Pat Cadigan
“The Jubilee Plot” – Stephen Baxter
“Wilson at Woking” – Ken MacLeod
“The Killing Fields” – Kim Lakin-Smith
“Having the Time of His Life” – Ian Watson
“The Dog Hypnotist” – Tricia Sullivan
“The Crack Angel” – Jon Courtenay Grimwood
“Keep Smiling with Great Minutes” – M. John Harrison
“Living with the Dead” – Molly Brown
“Next to Godliness” – Brian Stableford
“Mellowing Grey” – Dave Hutchinson
“At Shadow Cope” – Liz Williams
“Peculiar Bone, Unimaginable Key” – Brian Aldiss
“Deciduous Trees” – Martin Sketchley
“Soirée” – Alastair Reynolds
“On the Sighting of Other Islands” – Ian R. MacLeod
“Fireflies” – Christopher Priest
“The Man of the Strong Arm” – Adam Roberts
An Afterword – Ian Whates

So, see you at the launch event at Orbital?

8 thoughts on “Celebration

  1. That is a very interesting cover and I would love to see a biger version to try and get the deatail, are the people watching something, or is it a collage?

    Impressive list also of authors.

    Is there a charge for it?
    Will it be free to BSFA members?
    Or is there a discount?

    when exactly is the launch planned, so I can put it in my diary. thx J

  2. If you click through to the flickr page, you should be able to see a larger version (hit “all sizes”).

    I believe the launch will be an early-evening event on the Friday of Eastercon — but wait until the official programme comes out. The book is available as a limited-edition hardback (150 copies, 19.99) or a paperback (9.99), and BSFA members get a 35% discount on either (so 12.99 and 6.49, or thereabouts).

  3. Hi! Can’t wait to read the story by my old HS friend and favorite author, Molly Brown. Will it be for sale online or in the U.S. (which is where I live)?? Molly is very well-known around here. Especially since Dungeons & Dragons creator Gary Gygax lived nearby. Unfortunately. this inspirational, kind man recently passed away at the age of 69 from an aortal aneurysm. My daughter, an acquaintance of his, recently attended his funeral accompanied by people from around the world paying their respects. She found it very moving.


  4. Hey Niall,
    Now that it’s out… Where can an Aussie get it?

    Or will I be able to find it somewhere when I’m in the UK in July? Will be popping into Oxford by the way, would love to meet up!

  5. 1. I’m sure that there will be something on the BSFA website in due course, when the people who would put that in place have got home from Orbital! Watch this space, as they say.

    2. Did I not reply to your lj comment? Sorry if not — but yes, I’d be happy to meet up. There’s going to be one weekend towards the end of July I can’t do (music festival I go to every year), but other than that the month is clear at the moment.

  6. Will be before the 13th of July, so should be fine! I think you didn’t reply :P
    I’ll Facebook you or something like that nearer to the date. Cool…

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