Review of 2007

And in other news, this should have started arriving over the weekend:

Torque Control — editorial
Vector Reviewers’ Poll — the best books of 2007, compiled by Kari Sperring
Threes and 2007s — the films of 2007, by Colin Odell and Mitch LeBlanc
Transmission, Interrupted — the TV of 2007 (and the start of a regular column) by Saxon Bullock
Logic and Loving Books — Laurie J Marks and Kelly Link, in conversation at last year’s Wiscon
First Impressions — book reviews edited by Paul N. Billinger
Foundation Favourites — a column by Andy Sawyer
Resonances — a column by Stephen Baxter
The New X — a column by Graham Sleight

As you’ll see, this is an issue that marks a few changes. For one thing, it’s bigger than usual (48 pages, up from 36); for another, we’ve inherited a few features that aren’t making the jump to Matrix’s spiffy new online home; and finally it’s a transitional issue, as Kari Sperring starts to take over from Paul Billinger as reviews editor, compiling this year’s reviewers’ poll. Many thanks to Paul for all his work over the years, and welcome to Kari!

As ever, comments on all aspects of the issue are welcomed (as are confirmations that it has arrived! As part of my preparation for the “It Was Ten Years Ago Today” panel at Eastercon, I read through the relevant back-issues of Ansible, and was cheered, or something, to see an announcement that some parts of the January mailing had gone missing. Some things stay the same, it seems).

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