The Linkimous Depths

(Four Clarke books down, two to go; and I’m up to p.217 of Quicksilver.)

4 thoughts on “The Linkimous Depths

  1. Thanks very much for pointing to that Carhullan discussion so I could find Adam Robert’s completely wrong-headed review of said text. ;) If only he had review Hall’s second novel I could read a serious defence of that disaster. (I shudder at its memory.)

  2. Oh, I missed that Telegraph article on “the appeal of fantasy”. Who says that it’s all but invisible on the cultural landscape? Are the Whitbreads and the Bookers really such cultural juggernauts in the UK? If Terry Pratchett’s “financial rewards” come from book sales (to, like, actual readers) rather than book prizes I’d say he’s got solid footing.

    (And Sebold’s book as “fantasy”? No, no, I’ll happily leave that book to literary fiction aficionados, keep it, keep it.)

  3. Books and art don’t loom that large on the British cultural landscape and when they do surface it tends to be in relation to awards. The only notable exceptions is when an attractive female artist or writer starts generating buzz and then she’ll get a few interviews lobbed her way.

    It’s like when the UK papers discovered hip-hop when Ms. Dynamite appeared (whatever happened to her?) or when they took an interest in classical song when Charlotte Church turned legal.

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