Manhattan Linksfer

7 thoughts on “Manhattan Linksfer

  1. I think either way you may be scraping the bottom of the link-related naming barrel.

    (Linkers of the Day would have been my choice.)

  2. Liz: I thought I’d already used Linkers of the Day, but apparently not.

    Nick: Or The Links Remain.

  3. There is plenty more barrel to be had, just looking at topical stuff: Linksilver (or Quicklinker?), The Linkfusion, Link Tank, Link Man, The Linkish Policeman’s Union. Or, indeed, just a post called Kelly Link.

  4. Can anybody tell me if there’s a point anywhere in Paul Kincaid’s rambling review of Rewired: The Post-Cyberpunk Anthology? His reviews recently, both here and on SF Site and presumably elsewhere have been rambling mishmashes of unrelated ideas that sound didactic until one tries to unravel them. Is William Gibson not true to the ideals of his generation? Is he too much of a downer? And how does all that make what the writers who have come after him interesting? Maybe if Kincaid had actually written more about the book and its other authors, there would have been a viable argument to be made? Does anybody edit book reviews anymore? Does this really pass for sf criticism?

  5. Ralph, that’s not a review of Rewired. It’s a column exploring some thoughts inspired by the book. Paul’s actual review is here.

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