London Meeting: Terrance Dicks

A day early on this one: the guest at tomorrow’s London Meeting is author and Doctor Who script editor Terrance Dicks. He’ll be interviewed by Tim Phipps.

As ever, the venue is: The Antelope, 22 Eaton Terrace, London, SW1W 8EZ. The closest tube station is Sloane Square, and a map is here.

The meeting is free and open to anyone who’s interested, and the interview will start at 7pm, although there’ll be people around in the bar from 6; in fact, I may even aim to get there earlier, since I suspect this one will be busy.

3 thoughts on “London Meeting: Terrance Dicks

  1. Surely you’re not suggesting Niall is ever anything less than punctual.

    I will also be there, hopefully in plenty of time.

  2. I think Curtis & I won’t be able to make it. We’ll be coming off a 10+ hour bus tour (pre-scheduled) and will probably be zombies. Sorry to miss folks! Next time I’ll have my scheduling priorities straight.

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