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3 thoughts on “The Quiet Links

  1. There’s definitely stuff in the SFX awards that came out at the back end of 2007 (Stardust, Beowulf, SJA, etc.).

    Also, their awards are full of FAIL because they will not let you vote without voting in every category. Since I cannot vote in Best Videogame (having not played any new ones in 2008), and refuse to vote for sexiest man or woman in sf (on the grounds that it panders to those attitudes that caused me to give up reading SFX in the first place), I shan’t be voting at all.

  2. Argh, now I have to choose between The Gone-Away World and Anathem!

    The suggested drop-downs are pretty weird. Looks like they made a list of shows and then picked an actor from each, which explains why they suggest only one of the Winchesters, and seem to think Milo Ventimiglia is a serious candidate for Best Actor. And why is the Orange Box, which contains three new games and two re-releases, suggested as one option?

    I always assumed the sexiest man and woman award were included because they make really good space-fillers when you get to print twenty pages of pictures instead of articles. I might suggest fictional characters for those categories.

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