London Meeting: John Clute

The guest at tonight’s BSFA London Meeting is John Clute, who will be interviewed by journalist Andrew McKie.

As usual, the venue is the upstairs room of The Antelope, 22 Eaton Terrace, London, SW1W 8EZ. The closest tube station is Sloane Square, and a map is here.

The meeting is free (although there will be a raffle), and any and all are welcome. The interview will start at 7pm, although there’ll be people in the bar from 6 onwards.

7 thoughts on “London Meeting: John Clute

  1. Doubtless you’ve heard this Niall, but The Clute singled you out (along with Farah and Graham — trippled you out? — as critics he admires).

  2. Yes, I’d heard. Obviously it’s flattering, but I can think of a dozen people I’d say are better at this than me without even blinking …

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