Special Linkanomics

It’s a while since the last link-dump, so some of these are a little stale now, but since this is as much for my future reference as your benefit:

7 thoughts on “Special Linkanomics

  1. I would buy and read that Adam Roberts fantasy too :) Sounds very interesting from the description on his web page.

    M. Flynn did – superbly in my opinion, at least the medieval part – 1340’s village meets somewhat advanced aliens, advanced aliens are more comprehensible for us than said village people in Eifelheim, though not in verse :)

  2. Interesting links, Niall, although maybe a little, er, Adam Roberts heavy. Thanks for the positivity, though. And Liviu: the Flunn novel … I take it that’s Eifelheim? I’ve not read it, but will if you recommend.

  3. Has anyone actually had a Tumbarumba appear for them? I have been browsing with it on and so far no exciting out-of-place stories :(

  4. Eifelheim by M. Flynn has two threads: a medieval one that sounds somewhat similar to Mr. Roberts’ fantasy book and that is done very well, and a shorter modern one that is the reworked earlier novella with the same name and involves a historian researching the mystery of a disappearing German medieval village. This last thread is less successful in my opinion, being less coherent, more of a fill-in story.

    Yellow Blue Tibia is a book that I am ordering as soon as Book Depository lists it.

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