The Best of 2008, Redux

Following on from Liz’s two lists of her best 2008 reads, here are some more for you to peruse.

And on related notes:

(Of course, you may be wondering what my books of the year are. Unfortunately, I acquired Final Fantasy XII over Christmas, and have now been well and truly sucked in, which means that blogging is falling by the wayside a little. Plus, there’s a whole bunch of 2008 titles I haven’t read yet, and want to get to before the Hugo nomination deadline at the end of February. So, no lists from me at the moment, I’m afraid.)

One thought on “The Best of 2008, Redux

  1. Fyi, the list of the Preliminary ballot of the Nebulas is far from complete. Those books/stories/scripts only reflected through November 30th or so….the full list will likely be posted in the next week or so.

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