BBC Radio SF Season

All the sf your heart could desire, starting yesterday. Far more, in fact, than I would have thought any one person could listen to in two weeks. However, I will try to make time for these:

28 Feb 2009, 21:00
BBC Radio 3 — The Wire
Salmonella Man on Planet Porno
A group of male researchers, on a quest to discover the secret of the bizarre planet Porno, become sexual objects themselves.

[Based on the story, I assume]

1 Mar 2009, 15:00
BBC Radio 4 — Classic Serial
Rendezvous with Rama
An adaptation of the late Arthur C Clarke’s novel. In the 22nd century an enormous alien spaceship hovers over the earth.

2 Mar 2009, 10.45
BBC Radio 4 — Womans Hour Drama
The Death of Grass
All the grass in the world has been attacked by a deadly virus. The world’s staple foods are dying. The Custance family flee to a safe haven in the Lake District and descend into barbarism as they try to escape starvation and civil war.

[If only because I want to see how they manage this in fifteen minutes. Unless the idea is that it runs for the whole week.]

3 Mar 2009, 11:00
BBC Radio 7
Drama about a computer so powerful, and so all-knowing that it may be said to have an independent life of its own – despite the fact that it is a man-made creation.

Alpha, won a Sony Radio Academy Award in 2001 for Best Drama.

4 Mar 2009, 11:00
BBC Radio 7
A sister play to Alpha, Omega takes us into a fascinating and disturbing vision of the near future, where the most human and endearing character we meet has, it transpires, no real existence at all.

5 Mar 2009, 14:15
BBC Radio 4 — Afternoon Play
The State of the Art
Dramatisation of an Iain M Banks story in which the Culture, a spacebound utopian civilisation, encounters Earth.

[As adapted by one P. Cornell.]

08 March 2009, 20:00
BBC Radio 3 — Drama on 3
Bring Me The Head of Philip K Dick
A darkly disturbing and surreal vision of contemporary America where faith, national security and the very fabric of time are under attack from an unlikely and terrifying weapon.

Invented by a shadowy research unit inside the Pentagon, the android head of Philip K. Dick is on the loose and wreaking havoc.

I do not feel the slightest inclination to make time for a “re-imagining” of Blake’s 7, however.

7 thoughts on “BBC Radio SF Season

  1. I think you’ll find that’s a “re-imaging” which clearly involves, er, taking the image away. Not a terrible idea with Blake’s 7, I guess.

  2. Yes, Woman’s Hour does 15 minutes every day, so it’s actually The Death of Grass in 75 minutes.

    (Quite how this novel is seen as particularly suitable for Woman’s Hour is a bit of a mystery.)

  3. Tony Keen: (Quite how this novel is seen as particularly suitable for Woman’s Hour is a bit of a mystery.)

    I’m seeing it in terms of their recognising that some women do like science fiction as well as/instead of the interminable diet of semi-schlocky ‘romance’ and ‘women’s stuff’ that generally makes me reach for the off button these days. Many years ago, when they still read the books rather than dramatising them, Woman’s Hour did a ten-parter on John Wyndham’s The Chrysalids which had a profound influence on a small female of my acquaintance.

  4. A) Death of Grass is a good deconstruction of masculinity so also interesting in that respect and people who aren’t women also listen to women’s hour in any case.
    B) I like B7 and quite fancy reimagining it (actually so do a lot of other people if you care to trawl the relevant websites) and the scheduling at least permits the possibility of listening to it while on my weekend-small-child-getting-up duty.

  5. In Rendezvous with Rama a big dumb object enters and ultimately departs the solar system on some kind of slingshot manoeuvre. The enormous “hovering” alien spaceship would have been Childhood’s End.

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