BSFA Awards Voting — Final Reminder

Yes, for those not attending Eastercon, today is the day to get your votes in. Those who are attending Eastercon can vote now if you want, or can vote at the convention itself.

As a reminder:

And here’s what you do: send your votes (nominees ranked in order of preference) and your BSFA or Eastercon membership number to awards at by the end of the day. Easy.

Oh, and a service announcement: something’s gone wrong with the BSFA website, such that it seems to be crashing peoples’ browsers when they visit. So you might want to avoid it for a couple of days. I’ll post another announcement when it’s fixed.

2 thoughts on “BSFA Awards Voting — Final Reminder

  1. Thanks for the note about the BSFA website! It crashed my browser, but I’ve been having enough trouble with my computer lately I just assumed it was the computer’s fault …

  2. To add to the service announcement – so far, all the reports of crashed browsers relate to Firefox, but there have been non-fatal but worrying problems with Mozilla and IE6. So far, no reports of problems with IE7 or IE8. Different people have been giving differing reports, though, even for the same browser – it seems to have something to do with Adobe plugins (though there seems to be no reason for most of the pages to be trying to use them).

    But, of course, it’s difficult to report browser crashes on a site that’s causing them – so could I suggest that anyone who has had their browser crash trying to access the website, particularly if the browser wasn’t Firefox, reports it here.

    By the way, anyone who joined the BSFA during March but hasn’t heard back from us yet – I will be in contact very shortly (sorry for the delay), but meanwhile I have passed a list of new members (up to March 29) to Donna Scott, the Awards administrator, so she should be able to match up your name if you vote in the next couple of hours or so, mentioning that you have joined recently.

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