As previously announced, this Saturday is the BSFA/SF Foundation joint AGM day, featuring talks, panels, and the AGMs for both organisations. The guests are Paul Kincaid for the SFF, and Nick Harkaway for the BSFA. Attendance is free, and the AGMs are conveniently positioned to give non-members a long lunch break. The AGM is once again at Conway Hall, and all events will take place in the small hall on the ground floor.

10:00 SFF speaker Welcome
10:05 BSFA Panel – Launch of the British Science Fiction and Fantasy Survey 2009: chaired by Niall Harrison, and featuring Nick Harkaway, Paul Kincaid, Juliet McKenna, Kit Whitfield, and Paul McAuley
11:00 SFF Guest – Paul Kincaid
12:00 BSFA AGM
12:30 Lunch break
13:30 SFF AGM
14:00 BSFA Guest – Nick Harkaway
15:00 SFF Closing Panel – tba
16:00 BSFA speaker Closes

4 thoughts on “BSFA/SFF AGM day

  1. Is half an hour really enough time for the bsfa agm?
    Last year it was rushed and since then much has happened or in some cases failed to happen.

    It does not really allow a chance for discussion.
    Let alone to consider proposals, answer questions and report back on requests or commitments made at the last agm.

    And what of the future. Is membership solid enough that there is just no need to contemplate ways and agree actions to garner interest and recruit members?

  2. “in some cases failed to happen”

    Indeed so.

    It’s unlikely that I’m going to be able to make it on Saturday but I think that Matrix does need to be discussed. I looked back over the rather ill-tempered thread in which Matrix online was discussed and at the time there was talk of Matrix Online getting at least as many editions per year as Vector with additional updates for news (admittedly at the editor’s discretion) and there was even talk of a shorter dead tree edition of Matrix being mailed out.

    The issue of Matrix was raised on the forums back in February I think and Ian said that he had a new tech person in place and that he was hoping to get an issue out by Eastercon.

    In the grand scheme of things, it’s a relatively minor issue but but for someone such as myself who always enjoyed the old Matrix, its absence has been felt.

    Obviously, the BSFA is volunteer driven and I’m sure that the technical problems facing Matrix are significant but it would be nice to know that the matter is going to be discussed.

  3. James,

    I must confess I don’t remember last year’s AGM being in any way rushed. However, your point has been taken and I’ve discussed this with the other committee members.

    Our AGM is scheduled immediately before lunch. Seems to us the easiest way we can accommodate a longer slot without having to reschedule the entire time table is to run into the lunch hour. So, if things do run over, we will look to extend into lunchtime as required, for up to 15 extra minutes, which will still allow people enough time to grab a bite to eat. This should give you any extra time you feel is needed, and will also make it the longest AGM since Foundation and the BSFA started sharing the day.

    Jonathan, I agree Matrix is a subject for discussion. The relaunch has been delayed by a number of issues, time certainly being one of them, but also including the fact that it will appear on a completely new site. However, we were hoping to have it available before now. The good news is that there should be a new edition up in the next few days — something currently delayed because the person who has stepped into the breach as production editor has just seen their computer die, taking the editorial and the final couple of articles with it.

    Although currently out of the country, John, our new person-who-uploads is still confident of having the edition ready to be unveiled by the end of the month. Far later than we would have liked, perhaps, but at least Matrix is about to reappear.

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