This Is What 80,000 Words of Survey Looks Like

Wordle: BSFA Survey

Or, if you prefer one that shows you (most of) the names involved:

Wordle: BSFA Survey Names

This is to say that as of last night, I have a draft (minus introduction). This weekend will be about revising, proofreading, and writing author biographies; then I’m going to let it sit for a week or ten days, hopefully get comments from a few people, give it a final read, and send it off to be typeset. At which point I might even start blogging more regularly again.

2 thoughts on “This Is What 80,000 Words of Survey Looks Like

  1. Apologies that I failed to contribute to this by the deadline. My time has not been my own lately.

  2. Hi Gary — not to worry. More responses would always be better, of course, but in the end I think the 80+ that I got is a pretty good response rate, and representative if not comprehensive. And hey, you could always write a long letter of comment about it when you discover you disagree with what everyone else has said (or the gloss I’ve put on what everyone else has said) … !

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