Twenty Years, Two Surveys (and other BSFA matters)

The survey has landed! Or, at least, is landing. BSFA members should receive their copies this week (or have already received them); non-BSFA members can order a copy (for the low low price of £7.99 plus postage! That is, plus £1.24 in the UK and £4.35 overseas) here.



Along with the book, BFSA members will receive their ballot for this year’s awards; note that these need to be turned around pretty sharpish (although you can send in your votes by email), unless you’re planning to vote at Eastercon.

Also in the post to BSFA members this week: the latest mailing, comprising a new Vector (the review of 2009), a new Focus (featuring Christopher Priest, Gareth L Powell, Nina Allan and others), and this year’s short fiction award booklet. I’m thinking of hosting discussions about each of the shortlisted stories next week, in the run-up to Eastercon, to encourage people to read the last of these!

And it would be remiss of me not to note that this week’s BSFA London Meeting, on Wednesday evening, will be a discussion of the awards shortlists, featuring Graham Sleight, Damien G Walter, and Martin McGrath. Be there, as they say.

Back to the survey. All comments are, of course, very welcome — indeed, I’d love to be able to include a really substantive letter column in the summer Vector. And, as I previously noted, there’ll be a panel to discuss the survey’s findings at Eastercon; at 5pm on the Friday, to be precise, with John Jarrold, Caroline Mullan, Claire Brialey, David Hebblethwaite and myself as panelists. Please do come along and offer your thoughts, if you’re going to be there. In the meantime, however, and since in the final book each question in the survey is considered in a separate chapter, with context and analysis, to give a flavour of the project, I thought it would be nice to post some authors’ original responses. So that’s what I’ll do this week.

2 thoughts on “Twenty Years, Two Surveys (and other BSFA matters)

  1. It certainly looks like right now is a great time to be a BSFA member.

    I’ve been loving dipping into this book since it arrived in the post yesterday and am looking forard more to reading it properly.

    It seems to me that the BSFA has really found it’s stride recently (and, yes, full disclaimer, I’m on the committee still, but seriously I don’t do much of the heavy lifting) and that all of the one off projects and collections and surveys have given a real energy to the organisation.

    Well done everyone I say, you’ve renewed my faith in fandom. And if you’re reading this but haven’t joined yet, well, come on in, the doors are open and you’re missing out on a bunch of really cool stuff here.

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