Another Short Story Club

Not here, or at least not here yet; but anyone who participated in the discussions here last autumn may be interested to know that io9 is kicking off a weekend short story club, including both new stories and classics. Their schedule so far:

And they said it would never catch on.

4 thoughts on “Another Short Story Club

  1. I’ll second that. In addition, will there be another discussion on the short fiction for this Hugo season? Last year’s was interesting, and there looks to be enough stuff here worth unpacking.

  2. Thanks, guys! I do plan to do another one here at some point in 2010, I just haven’t got around to it yet. As for the Hugo ballot — I sort of feel talked-out (in other venues), or at least thought-out, about some of those stories, but maybe.

  3. I third the sentiment. While I don’t know if I will the able to participate with regularity, the schedule will at least serve me as a lifeline in order not to drown in the mare magnum of online fiction.
    Maybe the participants, at least those who already review short fiction in other venues, could come up with their own recommendations.

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