Short Story Club 2

Many thanks to everyone who offered suggestions in the earlier discussion — and here’s the schedule. I’m planning to keep the same arrangement as last year: I’ll post a reminder of the week’s story on a Friday, and then a discussion post on a Sunday that rounds up as much comment as I can find (with a link from thist post to the discussion). And since we went in alphabetical order last time, I figure we’ll go in reverse alphabetical order this time.

Without further ado, then:

And there’s a wrap-up discussion here.

44 thoughts on “Short Story Club 2

  1. You appear to have mislaid the author for “No Time Like the Present.”

    I’m looking forward to the forthcoming discussions. I might even try and get a head-start on reading the stories this year, if I can make the time.

  2. Anyone else here use google calendar? Was thinking of making a sharable calendar w/ reminders for this. Will likely do it anyway due to personal overscheduling, but let me know if you’d like an invite or for me to make it public.

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