Teaching Fantasy

Saladin Ahmed drops by the open thread with a question:

Since so many smart critics frequent here, I’d like to pitch a question to y’all: I’ve been teaching undergraduate creative writing for years (am an English MA/ poetry MFA) but this semester for the first time I’m teaching a course focused on writing fantasy fiction. As part of this I’ll be having the students read extensively, in several subgenres of fantasy. I’m looking to fill some holes in the syllabus, esp. at the 1K-3K length. So, if you were teaching a course intended to model fantasy writing for undergrads, and you could assign ANY flash or short-short fantasy stories, classic or contemporary, what would you choose? Bonus points for pieces available online…

So: any suggestions?

3 thoughts on “Teaching Fantasy

  1. Some of my favorite podcastle flash pieces:

    “Believe” by Katherine Sparrow
    “The Voices of Snakes” by Karina Sumner-Smith
    “The Desires of Houses” by Haddayr Copley-Woods

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