All Change

As those who were at the BSFA AGM earlier this year may remember — for that is where it was first announced — my time as features editor of Vector is coming to an end. Specifically, I’m standing down at the end of 2010, which means there are two more issues with my name on left to go (the first of which should be printed this week, and the second of which is not far behind). I’m feeling pretty good about the run, on balance; it’s been a rewarding experience, a privilege to curate a journal with such a fine history, and I hope has produced some things worth reading. Of course, everyone else who’s worked on Vector during the last five years must get credit as well: reviews editors Paul Billinger, Kari Sperring, and Martin Lewis; production editors Tony Cullen, Liz Batty, and Anna Feruglio dal Dan; my co-editor for the first year, Gene Melzack; and everyone who wrote an article or a review or a letter of comment. My thanks go to all.

But, while I’m in no danger of challenging Andrew M Butler for the title of longest-serving editor, five years feels about the right point to stand aside and let someone else have a go. The incoming features editor will be known to many of you, and certainly anyone who regularly attends the London Meetings, and I have no doubt that Shana Worthen will do an excellent job. I’m certainly looking forward to reading her first issue.

Meanwhile, things are also changing in another part of my sf life. As of today, I take over from Susan Marie Groppi as editor-in-chief of Strange Horizons; you can read her announcement of the handover here.

I’m extremely proud to be part of Strange Horizons. It stands for a lot of things I believe in — say, for speculative fiction, rather than sf and fantasy narrowly; for new voices, both in fiction and non-fiction; for diversity of all kinds — and is produced by a group of people I respect and admire. It’s the longest-running online sf magazine out there, and it’s entirely volunteer run and donation-funded. (One week left in this year’s fund drive! Prizes to be won! Just for mentioning the fund drive!) It is, so far as I’m concerned, a Good Thing.

And so I’m proud to be taking over the organisation and running of the magazine, while being conscious that I’ll be following in big, World Fantasy Award-winning footsteps. As Matt Cheney eloquently describes, Susan’s presence has been a huge part of what’s made Strange Horizons what it is, and while she’ll still be around as fiction editor, it’s going to be different. Still, I have things I want to do, even things that could be described as plans, and I’m excited about getting down to them. I’m also excited to be able to say that my replacement as reviews editor will be Abigail Nussbaum, because I can’t imagine anyone I’d feel more comfortable leaving that department with, and I can’t wait to see how it develops with her guidance.

One downside of all this change is that, as things move on, I’ll be posting less here, since it’s a BSFA venue — although I won’t be scaling back until after the women and sf week in December, at the earliest. But I might well be posting elsewhere. Further updates, as they say, as events warrant.

7 thoughts on “All Change

  1. I’m delighted that this has been announced as I’ve been terrified that I would manage to somehow blurt out the information on twitter or facebook or something.

    I think this was a fantastic move, I genuinely cannot think of anyone better suited to taking Strange Horizons forward into its second decade. I also think that Abigail was a great choice as your successor.

    Congratulations to both of you and, as I said on Twitter last night, many thanks to Susan for doing such a fantastic job over the last ten years. The award was utterly appropriate and entirely deserved.

  2. 5 years. That’s pretty good going. That’s happened fast. Of course well done with the promotion in SH, but like am I allowed to be unhappy?

    Vector has been pretty damn good, A real important read – jeez I took it to South Africa, and I always felt a real connection – perhaps cause you go to conventions etc. that i go to, – its hard to know what the majority of BSFA members do – but the editor of Vector is over there.

    And this blog has informed my reading and given me many a story to read and often inspired my fan writing. I like reading what people think and generally there is not the same flame/fail madness that permeates some blogs and the intelligent and thoughtful writing here has been good.

    (most recently helping me to focus on why ‘ethnic minority’ is the inclusive term in Britain as opposed to American constructs that exclude some of our most put upon and marginalised peoples – you know blah blah)

    But it’s pointed me at fiction I would have missed. Something I love to do myself and feel that as a group (fandom) we don’t pointedly do enough of. It’s one of the fee must read blogs I have.

    Yes, of course congratulations, may have to read SH more now, and would welcome an editors blog like this over there from you. Any chance?

    And I look forward to what Shana does and also Abigail is surely pleased too, and am sure in six months time it will be grand. And everything moves on etc etc

    But right now, I am unhappy in Croydon

    Best of luck


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