Speaking of Justina Robson, as we were, a link to this press release just dropped into my inbox:

Heliotrope coverTiconderoga Publications is excited to announce a forthcoming collection of stories by the Arthur C Clarke Award finalist and bestselling UK writer Justina Robson.

The collection is titled Heliotrope and scheduled for publication in 2011.

Justina Robson has published eight novels, including four books in the Quantum Gravity series. The fifth book, Down to the Bone, will be published in early 2011. She has been nominated for the Arthur C Clarke Award twice, the Philip K Dick Award three times, the British SF Association Award twice and the John W Campbell Award.

Heliotrope is her first story collection.

Robson’s writing has been noted for sharply-drawn characters, and an intelligent and deeply thought-out approach to the tropes of the genre. M John Harrison has described her as “one of the very best of the new British hard SF writers”.

While Robson is noted as a novelist, she is also a Clarion West Workshop graduate and has been publishing short stories since 1994.

Justina Robson writes stories that are both emotionally moving and full of ideas,” Ticonderoga Editor Russell B Farr said.

“Her stories have the rare quality of simultaneously appealing to the head and to the heart,” he said.

Heliotrope collects sixteen stories, including the first print publication of “Dream of Mars”, and the never before published title novella “Heliotrope”.

“The collection has something for everyone, there is real variety in this book,” Russell added.

Heliotrope was sold via John Berlyne of the Zeno Agency.

Heliotrope will be published in April 2011 to coincide with Justina Robson’s Guest of Honour appearance at Australia’s 50th National Science Fiction Convention, to be held in Perth. The collection will be available in limited edition hardcover and trade editions.

I’ve been hoping someone would do this book for a few years now, so this goes straight on my to-buy list.

3 thoughts on “Heliotrope

  1. That is insanely exciting, and makes me think I may have to skip across the country in April. Except it may be impossible – that’s like 5 hours of flight and I think I have some gigs across there only a few weeks later :/

  2. For the information of people who really don’t need to know, I have discovered that my gigs are at the end of the week after AussieCon, and because of Easter it’s a low-working-day week, so I think I’ll be able to make this epic trek!

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