Happy new year, everybody — hope you had a great break, and got plenty of reading done. I did, on both counts, although I haven’t yet read a single word of fiction this year, because I’ve been preoccupied with getting some things ready for Strange Horizons’ first issue of the year. There are some changes to our schedule and pay rates, detailed here, and we’re recruiting for a few positions, which you can find details of here.

But more importantly from the point of view of Torque Control, we’ve raised the Strange Horizons blog up to become a permanent part of the site. I’ll be blogging over there regularly from now on, and since my final issue of Vector is being prepared for printing at the moment, this seems as good a time as any to start phasing out my posting here. I’ll be around until the deadline passes for this year’s BSFA Award nominations — deadline midnight, on Friday 14th January — and possibly around intermittently after that, but I’ll be handing over to the incoming features editor, Shana Worthen, and the occasional post from Martin in his guise as reviews editor. We’ll kick things off tomorrow, with a post in which I interview Shana about her plans for the magazine.

6 thoughts on “Transition

  1. “we’ve raised the Strange Horizons blog up to become a permanent part of the site. I’ll be blogging over there regularly from now on”

    I don’t know if you have any control over it yourself, but would it be possible to change the RSS feeds at the Strange Horizons blog to full feeds? I’m not too keen on having to click through to every post to read the whole thing.

  2. Yeah, a couple of other people have asked that as well. I’m looking into it. By which I mean, I can’t see how to make it happen but I’ve asked someone who knows their way around Movable Type better than I do to have a look.

  3. I wasn’t even aware that Strange Horizons had RSS feeds for anything other than reviews (and now the blog). It’s my least favourite thing about the site. I have no objection to clicking through to the site to read articles (in fact I usually prefer to do so) but I do find it annoying to have to click through several pages or use old-school bookmarks just to see if there are any articles I’d like to read.

    So, is there a global RSS feed that I’ve just been too stupid to locate all this time? :)

  4. Alas, not at the moment. But we’re working on a general website refresh for later this year, and it’s one of the things we’re planning to add.

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