Three Hundred Years Hence, next month

One occasional convenience of looking at much older works of science fiction is that, when old enough, they are out of copyright. This is true of the book which Andy Sawyer will be looking at in the forthcoming issue of Vector. (Subscribers will be receiving it in early July.)

Out-of-copyright doesn’t always mean more-convenient-to-get-hold-of, but in this case, someone has already gone to the trouble of digitizing the text.

Mary Griffith’s Three Hundred Years Hence, the subject of Andy’s next Foundation Favourites column, was published in 1836. It features in the annotated “Pre-1923 Utopias and Science Fiction by Women: A Reading List of Online Editions“, edited by Mary Mark Ockerbloom, where you can read her vision of the year 2135 for yourself.

And, while you’re there, a great deal of other early science fiction by women too.

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