Tonight’s BSFA London Meeting – New Venue

This is just a reminder that tonight’s BSFA London meeting will NOT be happening at the Antelope at Sloane Square, where the meetings have been for the last several years.

We’re decamping to a new venue, the basement of the Melton Mowbray on Holborn, near Chancery Lane underground station. It’s still at 7 pm, you’ll still have the pleasure of hearing Christopher Priest interviewed by Paul Kincaid – but do show up at the new venue if you’d like to attend!

2 thoughts on “Tonight’s BSFA London Meeting – New Venue

  1. Is it possible for someone to do a transript or brief summing up of what was discussed at the meeting? I don’t get to London often and would love to know what was said, especially at this one.


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