Guess-the-Arthur-C-Clarke-Award-Shortlist Contest Winner

At long, long last, SCI-FI London begins today, the winner of the Arthur C Clarke Award will be announced on Wednesday, and we have a winner for the Guess-the-Clarke Shortlist contest!

Thanks to the generosity of the Clarke Award, the winner will receive a copy of every book on the shortlist.

Three entries, submitted by Nicholas Whyte, Duncan Lawie, and Kenny Lucius, tied for first place, with four correct guesses each. For comparative purposes, I note that all three correctly guessed Embassytown and Rule 34.

Contest judge Tom Hunter has drawn the winning name from the hat… and the winner is Duncan Lawie!

6 thoughts on “Guess-the-Arthur-C-Clarke-Award-Shortlist Contest Winner

  1. Fix! Fix! You should all resign!


    Actually, I was going to helpfully suggest that any future such ties should be broken by counting how few entratnts in total made the same correct guesses as the potentially tied entrants. The person whose correct guess was matched by fewest other people should get the prize.

    But then I actually checked, and discovered that I was one of four people who called The End Specialist, whereas Duncan and Kenny were among four people who called it for Hull Zero Three. So in fact this is not a helpful suggestion at all, as it would have preserved the three-way tie. Drawing one name out of a hat is in fact the only sensible way to proceed.

  2. Actually, looking at the predictions again, I take it back. In fact Kenny Lucius missed The Testament of Jessie Lamb, which lots of others (including Duncan and I) predicted, but he correctly called both The End Specialist and Hull Zero Three which were spotted by far fewer people. So I congratulate Duncan but regard Kenny as the moral victor.

  3. In that case, I am wrong about which books you all have in common. Looking at what I was working from, I think it was a copy/paste error on my part. Thank you for doing the comparative work more accurately!

  4. Congratulations, Duncan. Thanks for the moral victory, Nicholas. May I offer you the congeniality prize? ;-)

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