Strange Horizons

How strange are your horizons? It’s the Strange Horizons annual fund drive.

This year’s milestones …

  • $1,500 – 2 bonus poems by Nin Harris and Valya Dudycz
  • $3,000 – a bonus review by Erin Horáková
  • $5,000 – bonus fiction by Aliya Whiteley
  • $7,500 – bonus review by Vandana Singh
  • $9,000 – translated fiction reprint by Chen Qiufan and Ken Liu
  • $10,500 – bonus surprise non-fiction content
  • $12,000 – 2 more bonus poems by Dimas Ilaw and Ryu Ando
  • $13,500 – more bonus fiction by Helena Bell
  • $15,000 – podcasts of all fiction and poetry
  • $16,000 – fund drive goal! Fund drive e-books for everyone who donated!
  • $17,000 – first stretch goal: a special issue packed with Arabic SFF
  • $17,500 – a rolling guest-edited column on the subject of resistance
  • $20,000 – a special issue on SFF from the Southeastern USA
  • $21,500 – we’ll unlock the first of 2 super secret stretch goals
  • $23,000 – we’ll unlock the other super secret goal!

BTW: do you think the concept of “stretch goals” could be used in other areas of life? Like, I don’t know, in the pub? “Mine’s a half pint of Thatcher’s Gold please, Tash! If you get me a double measure of Laphroaig with no ice but just a bit of water in a separate glass, you will unlock a conversation about using time travel to go to the park with twenty copies of your dog.” Anyway. Strange Horizons!

Earlier: WorldCon 75 Report, including the Strange Horizons tea party. The tea was excellent and the biscuits were, in every sense, mint.

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