Call for poems

 The call opens on 19th February and ends on 1st April 2018.

Poets are invited to send in up to 3 poems about the future, to be considered for an anthology launching in January 2019. The anthology will be edited by Suzannah Evans and Tom Sastry.

The guidelines explain: ‘A future poem could be a warning, a protest, a promise of salvation or a prediction of the end of the world. It could be a short history of everything or a snapshot from the 25th century kitchen sink.’

Suzannah Evans, editor, says: ‘I’d like to read poems that are: inventive, paranoid, animatronic, intergalactic, revolutionary and empathetic. There’s definitely room for darkness. I’ve got a lot of time for poems that seem silly but are deadly serious, and vice versa, and a special respect for poems which manage to be both at once.’

Tom Sastry, editor, adds: ‘I’m excited to read poems about imaginary catastrophes, dystopian nightmares and the glimpse our strangest fears give us into our craziest selves. I hope the call will attract funny poems, mythic poems, loud and quiet poems and poems in which ridiculous fears have real consequences.’

The submissions guidelines are available on the publisher’s website:

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