SFF Non-Fiction and Art in 2018

Nominations are now open for the BSFA Awards longlist. If you’re a member, you may nominate up to four works in each of four categories: Novel, Short Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Artwork. If you’re not yet a member, consider joining the BSFA.

Earlier we shared some suggested reading in short fiction and novels. Below is a list of crowdsourced recommendations (in no particular order) for the categories of non-fiction and artwork. You can also still explore (and add to) the suggestions sheet.

SFF Non-Fiction in 2018

  • The Science Fiction of Iain M. Banks by Esther McCallum-Stewart (ed.) and Nick Hubble (ed.) (Gylphi) → search
  • ‘Global Frankenstein’ by Davison, C. M. (ed.), Mulvey-Roberts, M. (ed.) (Palgrave) → search
  • ‘Erin Groans’ by Erin Horakova (Strange Horizons) → search
  • ‘Sergeant Bothari and Disability Representation in the Early Vorkosiverse’ by Rose Lemberg (Strange Horizons) → search
  • ‘On motherhood and erasure: people-shaped holes, hollow characters and the illusion of impossible adventures’ by Aliette De Bodard (Intellectus Speculativis) → search
  • ‘Kim Stanley Robinson interview’ by Kim Stanley Robinson and William Squirrel (Big Echo) → search
  • ‘Guns. How Primitive.’ by Darcie Little Badger (Strange Horizons) → search
  • Publishing the Science Fiction Canon: The Case of Scientific Romance by Adam Roberts (Cambridge) → search
  • Economic Science Fictions by Will Davies (ed.) (Goldsmiths) → search
  • ‘Time Pieces’ column by Nina Allan (Interzone) → search
  • Locus column by Cory Doctorow (Locus) → search
  • The Evolution of African Fantasy and Science Fiction by Francesca T Barbini (ed.) (Luna Press Publishing) → search
  • ‘Exploring the Future Beyond Cyberpunk’s Neon and Noir’ by Jay Owens (Medium) → search
  • Arabic Science Fiction by Ian Campbell (Palgrave) → search
  • ‘100 African Writers of SFF’ column by Geoff Ryman (Strange Horizons) → search
  • Becky Chambers interview by Becky Chambers and Lulu Kadhim (Strange Horizons) → search
  • ‘Sleeps with Monster’ column by Liz Bourke (Tor.com) → search
  • ‘Postcards from the Apocalypse’ by Rebecca Roanhorse (Uncanny) → search
  • ‘Foundation Favorites’ column by Andy Sawyer (Vector) → search

SFF Artwork in 2018

  • The Traitor God by Jan Wessbecher (cover, Angry Robot) → search
  • The Prisoner by John Cockshaw (cover and interior art, Luna) → search
  • Concrete Faery by Bede Rogerson (cover, Luna) → search
  • Micro-Currencies by Gustav Borgefalk, Staffan Gabrielsson Berglöf (video and other materials, Future of Money Award) → search
  • Occupy White Walls (game, StikiPixels) → search
  • Lost Objects by Vince Haig (cover, Luna) → search
  • Underbug by Rodrigo Corral (cover, Oneworld Publications) → search
  • Embers of War by Julia Lloyd (cover, Titan) → search
  • Dog Symphony by Joan Wong (cover, W. W. Norton & Company) → search
  • Broken Branches by Emery Greer (cover, Ben Ellis) → search
  • Planet Impact Tax by Becky Miller (video and other materials, Future of Money Award) → search
  • Abductees 4 by Vince Haig (cover, Interzone 277) → search
  • The Last Day by Jaroslavas Melnikas (cover, Noir Press) → search
  • Monster Portraits by Del Samatar and Sofia Samatar (art book, Rose Metal Press) → search
  • Rosewater by Charlotte Stroomer (cover, Orbit) → search
  • Ink by Jamie Gregory, Andrew Biscomb (cover, Scholastic Press) → search
  • Magazine cover by Siobhan McDonald (cover, Shoreline of Infinity 11) → search
  • The Electric State by Simon Stålenhag (interior artwork, Simon and Schuster) → search
  • The Rig by Julia Lloyd (cover, Titan) → search

Please note: these suggestions haven’t been carefully vetted, so there’s a chance that something has slipped onto the list that’s not eligible. If you see anything strange, let us know! The non-fiction and art categories can be particularly prone to definitional wrangling. Our Awards Administrator, Clare Boothby, has the final say over eligibility.

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