Robert Holdstock Booklet followup

Last night, there was a roundtable discussion at the British Library in honour of Robert Holdstock, entitled “Heartwood: Telling the Matter of Britain”. It featured Stephen Baxter, Lisa Tuttle, Donald E Morse, Paul Kincaid (filling in for Brian Aldiss), and was chaired by Graham Sleight.

At it, Graham mentioned that the BSFA produced a booklet in memory of Holdstock earlier this year. Further, Stephen Baxter, BSFA President (among other things), read an excerpt or two from the booklet, from an interview which Paul Kincaid did with Rob.

Into the Woods: Robert Holdstock Remembered 

  • An Answer? – An Introduction by Paul Kincaid
  • Trone’s Wood – A Poem by Robert Holdstock
  • The Memory of Stories – Robert Holdstock interviewed by Paul Kincaid
  • Robert Holdstock: A Roundtable Discussion – With Niall Harrison, Stephen Baxter, Paul Kincaid, David Schwartz, and Liz Williams

If you were not a BSFA member at the time of that mailing and are interested in getting a hold of it, we still have some copies left!   Contact Martin McGrath  –

Vector 260: Fantasy and Mythology

A bit belated, this, for which I apologise. While I was away on holiday, the latest BSFA mailing should have dropped through members’ doorsteps. If you haven’t received it, let us know; it should have looked like this:

And the contents of Vector:

Torque Control — editorial
Letters — or, this issue, letter; keep ’em coming, though
Of Time and the River — Paul Kincaid on Robert Holdstock
Across the Dickian Multiverse — Hal Duncan interviewed by Tony Keen
Euripedes Bound: Hal Duncan’s use of Greek tragedy — Tony Keen
Other Views — Gwyneth Jones interviewed by Tanya Brown
First Impressions — book reviews edited by Kari Sperring
Progressive Scan — a column by Abigail Nussbaum
Foundation’s Favourites — a columnn by Andy Sawyer
Resonances — a column by Stephen Baxter
The New X — a column by Graham Sleight

There’s a little discussion of the issue in the BSFA forum. And inexcusably not credited in the issue is Drew Brayshaw, whose photograph provides the basis for the cover.

Also in the mailing, as the photo shows, is the latest issue of Focus, and the latest BSFA Special booklet: SF writers on SF film: from Akira to Zardoz, edited by Martin Lewis, who has posted about the booklet here. Adam Roberts has posted his contribution, on Blade Runner, here.

Last, but certainly not least: Matrix Online has relaunched. with oodles of features and reviews.