Robert Holdstock Booklet followup

Last night, there was a roundtable discussion at the British Library in honour of Robert Holdstock, entitled “Heartwood: Telling the Matter of Britain”. It featured Stephen Baxter, Lisa Tuttle, Donald E Morse, Paul Kincaid (filling in for Brian Aldiss), and was chaired by Graham Sleight.

At it, Graham mentioned that the BSFA produced a booklet in memory of Holdstock earlier this year. Further, Stephen Baxter, BSFA President (among other things), read an excerpt or two from the booklet, from an interview which Paul Kincaid did with Rob.

Into the Woods: Robert Holdstock Remembered 

  • An Answer? – An Introduction by Paul Kincaid
  • Trone’s Wood – A Poem by Robert Holdstock
  • The Memory of Stories – Robert Holdstock interviewed by Paul Kincaid
  • Robert Holdstock: A Roundtable Discussion – With Niall Harrison, Stephen Baxter, Paul Kincaid, David Schwartz, and Liz Williams

If you were not a BSFA member at the time of that mailing and are interested in getting a hold of it, we still have some copies left!   Contact Martin McGrath  –

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